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French phrases part 1 – Greetings and Courtesy

Bonjour! Here at Go Camp France we aim to make your holiday, camping in France as enjoyable as possible. That’s why we’ve created a five part article on useful phrases…ranging from eating out to emergencies.

Get through those awkward moments in a flash with a little help from the team at Go Camp France!

We hope you find them useful on your family camping holiday in France but if you think of any that we might have missed lets us know by sending us a quick email.

Part 1 – Greetings and Courtesy.


Hello / good morning – Bonjour
Good evening – Bonsoir
Good-bye – Au revoir
Mrs – Ma’am / Madame
Miss – Mademoiselle
Mr / Sir – Monsieur
How are you? – Comment ça va?
Fine, thanks. And you? – Bien, merci. Et toi?
How are you? – Comment allez-vous?
Fine, thanks. And you? – Bien, merci. Et vous?
What is your name? (informal) – Quel est ton nom?
What is your name? (formal) – Quel est votre nom?
My name is… – Je m’appelle…
Nice to meet you (formal) – Enchanté(e) de faire votre connaissance.


Please – S’il te/vous plaît.
Thank you – Merci.
Thank you very much – Merci beaucoup.
You’re welcome – Avec plaisir.
Yes, thank you – Oui, merci.
No, thank you – Non, merci.
I’m sorry – Excusez-moi.
Pardon me – Pardon.
Okay – D’accord.
Do you speak English? – Parlez-vous anglais?
Yes – Oui.
No – Non.
I don’t understand – Je ne comprends pas.
Could you repeat that? – Pouvez-vous répéter, s’il vous plaît?
I don’t know – Je ne sais pas.

Check out our next instalment and brush up on some quick fire, useful french phrases that make a camping holiday in France that bit more enjoyable!