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French phrases part 2 – Questions and Camping

Je voudrais…Welcome to part two of our useful French phrases when camping in France.

This part covers Questions and Camping. We’re sure you’ll find them helpful on your camping holiday in France!


How? – Comment?
How much? – Combien est-ce?
How many? – Combien y en a-t-il?
I’d like… – Je voudrais…
What is this? – Qu’est-ce que c’est?
What kind of…? – Quelle sorte de…?
Who? – Qui?
Where? – Où?
When? – Quand?
How do you say…in French – Comment dites-vous…en français?


Drinking water – L’eau potable
Electricity – l’electricite
Playground – un terrain de jeu
Restaurant – un restaurant
Shopping facilities – des commerces
Swimming pool – une piscine
Where are the showers/toilets? – Où sont les douches/toilettes?
Where can I get butane gas? – Où puis-je trouver du butane?

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