Camping in France

Camping in France Summer 2016

Camping in France summer 2016

As you’re probably aware, some of our team head off to France each year to try out some of the fabulous campsites we feature on Go Camp France.

We thought we’d let you know this year where we are going camping in France in the upcoming summer of 2016.

This year we are heading off to three different campsites. A stopover near to Paris with the main two campsites being in the Dordogne and the Loire.

Now due to the travelling time and ferry crossing, we decided to book a stopover at one of the fantastic campsites near to Paris. Many people skip past these in favour of either staying closer to Calais or to travel straight to their chosen holiday destination but to make sure we were fully refreshed and ready to get stuck into our main holiday we thought it best to have a stopover en-route.

International Maisons-Lafitte Campsite

International Maisons Lafitte

International Maisons-Lafitte Campsite is our chosen campsite for the stop over en-route to the Dordogne. We always use the Autoroutes where possible on our travels and International Maisons-Laffitte Campsite appeared to be the ideal option being a short distance from the route we planned to take anyway. The campsite has a great range of facilities and as we are only planning to stay there overnight, the lack of a swimming pool does not affect us in anyway. It’s a shame really we don’t have more time as i’d have loved to of stayed for an extra day or so and take the kids around Paris again and check out the other activities on offer at the site and around the area but unfortunately this wasn’t to be.

The cost of the campsite came in at a smidgen over £120 which to be fair, for a family of five is quite reasonable in comparison to hotel accommodation. The problem we usually have is occupancy rules as with most hotels the majority of their rooms hold a maximum of 4 people. This generally means we have to book 2 rooms at additional cost whereas with campsite stop overs we can all remain together in the same accommodation.

Summer 2016 Holiday Campsites

As we said our two choices for our 2016 family summer holiday in France are in the Dordogne and the Loire regions of France.

Why these campsites and these regions? Well, it was all down to our three children as we generally choose our family holidays together so they can have their say. Each time we look at going camping in France, we sit down with them and have a look at the campsites together. Our three children are currently 6, 7 and 12 and one of the most important things from their point of view is “what activities are on offer and what is the swimming pool like?” These are the two main things we concentrate on when choosing a holiday!

This year when we started looking, we sat down and I told them a little about each of the regions that we could go to. One of the first things they asked when we started was “Can we go back to the one we went to last year?” Now if you’ve been on our website, Twitter feed, Facebook Page or Instagram feed you’ll realise that we went to two campsites last year which were Le Clarys Plage in the Vendee and Les Alicourts Resort in the Loire. Now we’d been to Le Clarys Plage on a couple of occasions in the past and they loved it. I was also aware at the time we looked that the owners of Le Clarys Plage were putting in a new exciting water slide which I knew the kids would love.

Le Clarys Plage

It turned out however that they’d already decided between them that they wanted to head back to Les Alicourts Resort in the Loire so this was one on the list straight away. After some time looking through the different options, the second campsite we’ll be visiting is St Avit Loisirs in the Dordogne.

St Avit Loisirs, Dordogne

St Avit Loisirs

The main reasons for the kids choosing St Avit Loisirs in the Dordogne is the brilliant swimming pool complex. There’s a fantastic splash park with slides and to be honest this is where our kids spend most of their time when we’re on holiday so it was the most important reason for booking. Add to this the great range of other activities and facilities at the campsite along with a great range of places to visit and things to do nearby and you can see why we chose it.

Les Alicourts Resort, Loire

Les Alicourts Resort

Our second choice was of course Les Alicourts Resort. Now we weren’t overly surprised by the fact our kids had chosen Les Alicourts as it’s a fantastic campsite and they all thoroughly enjoyed our time there. The lake was one of the main reasons for them wanting to go back, with the wake boarding, kayaks, pedalos and beach, it’s a fantastic place for kids to have fun. The swimming pool was the other main reason as it’s a nice size with slides and a cracking wave pool.

One thing we were especially impressed with last year was the fireworks display that was held during the week over the lake. It was truly fabulous and although our youngest fell asleep near the end, due to being shattered, he has vowed to stay awake this year if they have them again.

Our Camping Holiday in France Summer 2016

Now we’ve given you some details about the campsites we plan to visit, but we also plan to pop into some fantastic attractions whilst we’re on holiday. The ZooParc de Beauval is one fantastic attraction on our list of places to visit with it’s white tigers and panda’s along with the Chateau de Chambord, L’Aquarium du Périgord Nord and La Roque-Gagéac.

When we go on holiday we will of course be updating our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds on a daily basis so you can see what we are up to and will also give you more information and photos about the places we’ve visited when we return.

If you’d like to read our review of Saint Avit Loisirs, please click the link.

If you’d like to find out any more about Le Clarys Plage, International Maisons Lafitte, St Avit Loisirs or Les Alicourts Resorts campsites, please follow the appropriate campsite link.

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