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Campsites near Calais

Are you looking for campsites near Calais?

Campsites near Calais are one thing we always get asked about. Whether it’s “Which are the best campsites near Calais?”, “What campsites are best for stop overs near to Calais?” or “We’re looking for a campsite near to the ferry?” the subject comes up time and time again and so we thought we’d give you a little food for thought.

In regards to “Which are the best campsites near Calais?”, this is purely down to personal choice, experience and what you are looking for. Many of these may be answered depending upon whether you want a stopover campsite or are looking for one for your full holiday. Swimming pools, activities and other facilities will obviously be important to you depending upon how long you plan to stay and this should be one of your main focuses when choosing.

Another point to consider is access to a beach! If you’re just stopping over this will not necessarily be as important as if you were staying for a family holiday with children.

Now the reasons as to why people look for campsites near Calais are actually quite obvious.

The first is that many people travelling to France on holiday wish to check out everything that the area has to offer. Forests, fields and beautiful countryside are in abundance and combine these features with a long coastline filled with cliffs and beaches creates a family holiday paradise. If you’re looking to experience some of France’s culture and history you’ll also find lots of charming medieval towns and villages and many of the WW1 battle grounds such as the Somme, Ypres and Verdun are all within close proximity.

The second reason many families look for a campsites near Calais is that they may have very young children and don’t want to drive for a long period of time once they reach France or that it may be the first time they’ve visited France for their family holiday and as they are unsure as to what to expect they don’t want to travel too far.

Now there are quite probably many more reasons as to why we get asked this question time and time again but the main reason we’ve found is that many families, motorhome drivers and caravaners quite often plan to travel further into the centre, west or south of France and even onwards into Europe.

The majority of these people are looking for a campsite near Calais that they can stay at either once they have disembarked from their ferry to France prior to travelling on to their chosen destination or on their way home prior to catching their ferry back to the UK.

France as a country is much larger than the UK and those wishing to enjoy the campsites along the south coast of France, will on average find themselves having to drive for over 10 hours after they disembark in Calais. Now those of us who have travelled with children will already know how painful it can be sometimes driving to Dover let alone driving for 10 hours after getting to France, so many families take the option, as we do, to stay overnight near to Calais prior to travelling onto their final destination.

This also works on your return travel! After driving back to Calais after your holiday, the last thing many people want to do it to catch the ferry back to UK and then have to drive several hours home and so many will stay near to Calais and catch the ferry the following day when they are feeling fully refreshed and for this reason we’ve put together a list of some great campsites near Calais.

You may have already seen our article on Top 10 campsites near ferry ports but if you’re looking for any other ferry port please check it out.

Campsites Near Calais

Now there are plenty of campsites near Calais but we are just going to give you a little information on a couple of good quality campsites for those of you with your own accommodation which could be in the form of a tent, caravan or motorhome and also for those of you who will need accommodation provided. Some campsites will allow you to book a single night and others will require you to book a little longer.

La Bien Assise

La Bien Assise Campsite

La Bien Assise is around 11km to the south of Calais and is a wonderful family friendly campsite. Whether you’d like to stay at La Bien Assise for a short stopover before your onward travel or you’d like to stay there a little longer, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed by what you find. Set in the grounds of a lovely French château, the campsite offers a full range of activities and facilities including a great swimming pool with slide. Accommodation only stays are available but to find out more or book, simply visit our La Bien Assise page.

Camping Le Phare

Camping Le Phare

Camping Le Phare lies just 38km to the southwest of Calais and just 5 minutes from Boulogne-sur-Mer. Standing 50 meters high on the cliffs looking out to sea, Camping Le Phare occupies a truly awe inspiring position along the “Cote d’Opale”.
The area surrounding the campsite is perfect for those looking to explore some of the coastal paths, villages, coves and beaches and the nearby Boulogne-sur-Mer offers everything you may need including a castle, museum and aquarium. Both accommodation and pitch only rates are available so whether you need accommodation or have your own tent, caravan or motorhome you can find out more simply by clicking here

As we said earlier, we know that there are many other campsites near Calais to choose from and the two that we’ve suggested are just the tip of the iceberg, however, we thought we’d just answer some of the regular questions we get asked whilst giving you a little starter.

If you own a campsite near Calais and want to be featured in this article then please feel free to get in touch!

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