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Driving in France Breathalyser

We reported earlier this year that the laws in France were due to change meaning that anyone driving in France must carry a working breathalyser with them.

The law came into effect from 1st July 2012 but has a grace period until November 2012. Even though there is a grace period we recommend you still get yourself a breathalyser as the police in France will still be checking.

Any breathalyser carried must conform with the NF standard. This standard is a process where a breathalyser is tested and checked by the French Government. Those that pass the test are given an NF certificate and it’s only these breathalysers that will make you immune from “on the spot” fines.

Alcosense specialise in providing breathalysers of all types and styles. They have released a dual pack “use once” breathalyser kit which is NF approved.

Get your NF approved Alcosense Breathalyser here and avoid an embarrassing and stressful encounter with the French police.

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