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European Breakdown Cover

European Breakdown Cover is a policy taken out to cover you in the event that your vehicle develops a fault and breaks down whilst travelling abroad.

Policies vary greatly from company to company but to sum up what’s covered in a nutshell, should your vehicle breakdown whilst abroad your policy will generally ensure your vehicle is either fixed at the roadside or towed to the nearest garage where it can be fixed.

Many policies can also help pay for garage labour, provide a replacement vehicle in certain circumstances and help cover the costs of accommodation, continuing on your journey or returning to the UK.

Whether you should buy European Breakdown Cover whilst holidaying in France is entirely up to you. However, image that you’ve arrived in France and are travelling towards your chosen campsite, suddenly whilst driving along the road your vehicle splutters and comes to a stop.

Your car is packed to the brim, you’ve got your children in the back, it’s hot and you’ve still got a couple of hundred kilometres to go before you reach your holiday campsite. Add to this the fact that you’re in a foreign country and you’re not fluent in speaking French.

This is where European Breakdown Cover comes into it’s own. Simply call the emergency breakdown telephone number and you will speak with an English speaking operator who will ensure a garage will be with you as soon as possible, to help you on your onwards journey.

There are various companies that provide European Breakdown Cover including The AA and Start Rescue.

The AA are a well renowned company that everyone has heard of. Having provided breakdown cover for many years they are a trusted name within the breakdown arena.

A cheaper option however is Start Rescue. Backed by Groupma and Call Assist Ltd, Start Rescue is the first breakdown company to offer an App which is available from Google Play and iTunes. The App allows you to report your breakdown within 15 seconds without the need for making a call. Using the phones internal GPS means that Start Rescue will know exactly where you are when you report your breakdown meaning they can be with you sooner. When helps on it’s way you’ll receive a message stating who will be coming to help and how long they’ll be.

If you’re going to France on holiday this year or any other part of Eurpoe, ensure that you avoid unnecessary stress by buying European Breakdown Cover.

Click here for AA breakdown cover

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