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French phrases Part 5 – Numbers and Emergencies

À l’aide!! Welcome to the fifth and final part of our useful French phrases series…aimed at helping you get by when you’re camping in France.

This part covers Numbers and Emergency information which could prove invaluable when camping in France on holiday or visiting France for the first time. You’ll often find that even a little knowledge can help in the event of an emergency!

If you’ve missed a part don’t worry – you can find parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 in our archives or by clicking on the FRENCH PHRASES category in our blog. You can also access them on your smartphone when you’re on holiday in France, simply by using our new Go Camp France App…available soon from the App Store and Google Play.

We hope you find them useful but if you think of any we might have missed please why not let us know…submit a comment or pop us an email.


0 – Zero
1 – un
2 – deux
3 – trois
4 – quatre
5 – cinq
6 – six
7 – sept
8 – huit
9 – neuf
10 – dix
11 – onze
12 – douze
13 – trieze
14 – quatorze
15 – quinze
16 – seize
17 – dix-sept
18 – dix-huit
19 – dix-neuf
20 – vingt


Help! – À l’aide!
Fire! – Au feu!
I need a doctor! – J’ai besoin d’un docteur!
Call an ambulance! – Appeler une ambulance!
I / My wife / My husband / My son / My daughter – Je, j’ / Ma femme / Mon mari / Mon fils / Ma fille
am / is very sick – suis/est très malade
am / is having a – ai / a une crise
heart attack – cardiaque
am/is choking – m’étouffe / s’étouffe
am / is losing consciousness – ai / a perdu conscience
am / is about to vomit – vais / va vomir
am / is having a seizure – ai / a eu une attaque
I can’t breathe – Je ne peux pas respirer
I tripped and fell – J’ai trébuché et je suis tombé
I cut myself – Je me suis coupé

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