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Learning French

Learning French is definitely worth thinking about, it can be very rewarding!

Prior to going on your summer camping holiday to France take the time to learn key phrases. It will make camping holidays in France much more enjoyable, can be fun for all the family and is not as hard as you might think.

Whether you a complete novice, a beginner with a few key phrases under your belt or a fluent speaker, read on to find out more.

Learn to understand and speak basic French

Learning to understand basic french can be very rewarding for everyone involved. When you can speak the language, be understood and show that you are making an effort it can transform your time on holiday in France.

In the run up to next years camping holiday…and on the cold winter nights that are coming there has never been a better time than to take a closer look at Babbel. We’ve tried it out and found that its really easy to use.

We’ve definitely had fun with our family and it helps when the children are learning French too! Thats in addition to our useful french phrases that you’ll find on Go Camp France.

How we made it easy

So how did we make it easy? Its really very simple. The trick is to not get too worried or panic about how complex learning a new language can be! Babbel make it easy and their website will go at your pace.

Start off with the basics and try it out for FREE. Try it on your iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop and the whole family can join in.

Take a closer look at Babbel and start learning french today!

Click here to find out more

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