Travel Documents

We want your holiday camping in France to be the best experience possible and so we have put together a brief list of travel documents that we recommend you take with you on your family camping holiday in France.

Camping holidays in France requires a valid passport

As a UK citizen you will need to have a full 10 year passport for your camping holiday in France which is valid for 6 months following your return. You can obtain an application form direct from the post office or the passport office.

Children were once included on their parents passports however this is no longer allowed. Children including babies, must now have their own passports, although children currently on an adults passport may be able to continue to use this, up until the child is 16 or the age at which the passport expires, whichever is the soonest.

We recommended that you apply for your passports at least 6 weeks before you go camping in France, as delays can be experienced during peak seasons.

At Go Camp France we also suggest you take a photocopy of your passport with you on your camping holiday to France. It will make it much easier to obtain a new passport should you loose yours.

Staying healthy on you camping holiday

The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) replaced the E111 in 2006. The card provides healthcare through the public system in EU countries and Switzerland. You should apply for one through the post office or online at Please note that this should be taken in addition to health or travel insurance and is not a substitute.

Driving documents you’ll need on a camping holiday in France

We will provide you with full details on driving documents you need to take with you on your holiday in the “Driving in France” section, however please remember to take the following driving documents on your holiday:

Full UK Drivers licence both paper and card sections.
Vehicle registration document V5.
Valid vehicle insurance including green card for driving in Europe.
Breakdown cover documents.

Don’t forget your travel insurance documents

More information can be found in our Travel Insurance section but please make sure you take your policy details with you on your holiday.

Holiday documents for a camping holiday to France

The most important set of documents you must ensure you take on your family camping holiday to France are your holiday documents. These will include the following:

Your ferry / plane or train tickets.
Your booking itinerary/confirmation / vouchers.
Your holiday money / travellers cheques / prepaid currencycard.
Maps and route planner.
Attraction tickets.

Pets documents if you take them camping in France

It is possible to take your dog on some campsites in France however this must be checked prior to booking. You must also ensure that you take all of the appropriate documentation with you on your holiday.

We suggest you read through the details on the DEFRA website for further details.

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