Caravanning holidays in France

Caravanning holidays are an extremely popular way for people to explore both the UK and Europe, with Brittany remaining one of the most popular touring regions in France. This is mainly due to it’s closeness to the UK, combined with the ease and speed of crossing by ferry or Eurotunnel.

Why take your caravan to France?

If you have your own caravan then maybe you should consider taking it to France and booking a ‘Pitch Only’ camping holiday. Taking your own caravan to France has never been easier and provides many benefits for those wishing to make the most of their holiday to France.

Caravanning in France provides you with a quality, reasonably priced holiday, whilst giving you the extra flexibility, mobility and freedom needed to explore all that France has to offer.

Think about your luggage limit if you fly to your destination or drive your own car. With other types of holiday there will be limits on how much you can take such as flight baggage limits or the size of your car but with a caravanning holiday, the only limit you have is the weight restriction of your caravan.

Booking a ‘Pitch Only’ camping holiday allows you to remain in full control of your budget, ensuring you know how much you are paying per night / per campsite. A good tip is to pay more for the campsites that provide better facilities and stay on them longer…pay less for campsites that you only plan to use as a ‘stopover’.

Taking your own caravan to France allows you to plan your camping holiday ensuring it is unique and tailored to your individual needs and requirements, resulting in a truly flexible holiday.