Ferry to France

A ferry to France is the most popular way to get across the English Channel to reach the campsite you’ve chosen for your family camping holiday. As the UK and France are so close, ferries are the most convenient method of travel, allowing you to transport yourself and your holiday and camping equipment by car, caravan or motorhome, without the hassle of flying and cramming all of your belongings into a suitcase.

Which port should I travel from?

There are a variety of options when it comes to taking a ferry to France with a large number of ports on the southern coast of the UK that offer one or more ferry services to a variety of ports throughout France and Spain. With this variety comes a range of decisions that have to be made. Do you pick the crossing which is located nearest to your home, which provides the easiest onward journey once you have reached France or the one which offers the cheapest price?

What about a ferry to Spain?

Although the majority of France is easily accessible from it’s northern ports, the south of France is often more easily reached by taking a ferry to Spain through the ports of Bilbao or Santander. Once in Spain you will have to drive across the border into France. Although the ferry crossing is longer the drive time tends to be shorter saving you time on the road.