Canvas Holidays Select Mobile Homes

The Canvas Holidays Select range of mobile homes are one of the larger styles of accommodation that is available from Canvas Holidays across their campsites in France and Europe. Within the Select range there are 3 different models for you to choose from. Each Select mobile home offers a variety of different options, styles and sizes to cater for all budgets and tastes.

Canvas Holidays Moda

Canvas Holidays Moda mobile homes are offer all the comforts of home in stylish and modern accommodation that you really won’t want to leave at the end of your holiday. The Moda is an ideal holiday home from Canvas Holidays for those wanting a little more from their holiday home and who are after a little bit of luxury.

Canvas Holidays Relax Mobile Home

The Canvas Holidays Relax mobile home offers all the comforts of home whilst still remaining at a reasonable price for those on a budget. The Relax is a highly popular with families of all ages and can be found on Canvas Holidays campsites all over France and the rest of Europe. Canvas Holidays Relax mobile homes come in two different models being the Relax and Relax Plus.

Canvas Holidays Cosy Mobile Home

The Canvas Holidays Cosy mobile home offers a little more than the alternative Relax mobile home but still offers families excellent value for money. The extra space means that the Cosy is highly popular with families looking for a little more living space to relax and like the Relax can be found on the majority of Canvas Holidays campsites all over France.

Canvas Holidays Safari Tent Deluxe

The Canvas Holidays Safari Tent Deluxe are the ultimate in camping luxury, whilst still remaining under canvas. Each Canvas Holidays Safari Tent Deluxe sits on it’s own wooden decking and even includes an integrated terrace area. These incredibly luxurious tents are set apart from the standard Maxi Tent due to not only it’s feel and style but also it’s features.

Canvas Holidays Accommodation

Canvas Holidays accommodation covers a wide range of styles of self catering camping accommodation. Each accommodation type is designed and styled with the living area at it’s centre in order to provide ample space for the whole family so no matter what your taste, budget or needs are, Canvas Holidays are sure to have a range of accommodation to suit.