5 Great Reasons to Visit Carnac, Brittany

5 Great Reasons to Visit Carnac, Brittany

Carnac is a highly popular holiday resort that is located between the Gulf of Morbihan and the Quiberon peninsula along the southern coast of Brittany.

The town is split into two distinct areas, Carnac-Ville and Carnac-Plage. Carnac Plage is where you’ll find all the beaches whilst Carnac-Ville offers a wealth of shops, cafes and restaurants, centred around the Elise Saint Cornely.

Carnac is most popular for 2 main reasons, firstly the Megalithic stones that can be found in the area and secondly for the wonderful town and beaches that make it a family holiday favourite.

However, wehen you look closer you’ll find a number of other things about Carnac that make it popular with families of all ages.

5 Great Reasons to Visit Carnac, Brittany

5 Great Reasons to Visit Carnac, Brittany

1) Carnac Weather

If you are looking for a holiday destination with temperatures that reach the mid 30’s then we suggest you look further south.

Carnac is not dissimilar to the south of England and boasts temperatures in the summer around the early to late 20’s. Although there are much warmer places in France, the weather and temperature in Carnac is perfect for families that don’t want it too hot.

2) Carnac Beaches

Carnac Beaches
Carnac’s allure as a seaside destination stems from its pristine beaches, each offering its own unique charm.

The expansive stretch of Grande Plage and the 5 other beaches of Plage de Beaumer, Plage de Men-Du, Plage de Légenèse, Plage de Ty Bihan and Plage Saint Colomban mean that there’s a beach for every mood and occasion.

Whether you’re lounging on the soft sands, indulging in water sports, or simply playing in the sand and water, Carnac’s beaches promise unforgettable moments by the sea.

Carnac Grande Plage

Grande Plage is Carnac’s main beach and is most poplar with families due to being long and sandy.

There’s plenty of space to spread out and you’ll always be able to find a spot free where you can sit back and sunbathe whilst the kids play games in the sand and paddle in the sea.

At the back of the beach is a long boulevard with parking, hotels, and other amenities. A short walk away, you’ll find a few shops and restaurants offering a range of meals and things to eat and drink

Plage de Beaumer

Plage de Beaumer is just round the corner from Grande Plage and is a pleasantly quiet beach. This sandy beach offers a view of Isle de Stuhan.

It’s a great beach for sunbathing and playing in the sand and although you can swim at the beach, at low tide the sea is quite a way out. It is a fantastic beach for younger children with it having a gentle slope into the sea.

Plage de Men-Du

Plage de Men-Du is the westernmost beach near to Carnac-Plage.

The beach over looks the Isle du Stuhan which you can walk to during low tide, but make sure you don’t get cut off by the incoming sea.

Swimming is easier at high tide due to the low tide but the beach does slope gently making it perfect for kids of all ages.

The beach is dog and bbq free making it one of the cleanest in the area and the beach also has lifeguards during July and August making it one of the safest in the area.

Plage de Legenese

Plage de Legenese is one of the three beaches on the western side of Carnac.

This wonderful sandy beach stretches out for 500m with a central swimming area and rocky outcrops at either end of the beach.

During summer months you can rent sun loungers and sun tents and there’s even a children’s club where the little ones can play and have fun.

Plage Ty Bihan

Plage Ty Bihan is located at the tip of Plage Saint Colomban. It’s not the best beach in the area for sunbathing as its only 400m long and the lefthand side is covered with rocks.

The beach is good for children however as there is a club for kids during the summer and the beach is sandy and good for playing on.

Plage Saint Colomban

Plage Saint Colomban lies at the far west of Carne opposite the Quiberon peninsula.

The beach is 500 meters long and covered in sand. The righthand side of the beach is reserved for sailing, kayaks and paddle boards. Whilst the lefthand side has lots of rock and pools to explore.

3) Explore Carnac’s Megalithic Sites

Carnac Megalithic Sites

Immerse yourself in Carnac’s ancient history by visiting its famed megalithic sites, including the Alignments of Carnac, which comprise thousands of prehistoric standing stones arranged in rows.

These enigmatic stone formations offer a glimpse into Brittany’s rich archaeological heritage and are a must-see for history enthusiasts and curious travelers alike.

You can read more about the standing stones of Carnac in our related blog article.

4) Embark on Coastal Walks

Carnac’s picturesque coastline can be explored via the GR34 coastal footpath, which meanders around Brittany where you’ll be able to walk along rugged cliffs, near sandy beaches, taking in Carnac and other villages.

Whether you opt for a leisurely stroll or a challenging hike, the coastal trails of Carnac promise awe-inspiring views or the surrounding countryside and sea.

5) Water Activities and Island Hopping

Carnac Water Activities and Island Hopping

With its proximity to the sea, Carnac offers a plethora of water-based activities for adventurers of all ages.

From sailing and kayaking to surfing and paddleboarding, there’s no shortage of aquatic adventures to enjoy. Set sail on a boat trip to explore the nearby islands or embark on a thrilling surfing lesson along Carnac’s pristine shores.

If you fancy doing something different for the day, why not book a ticket to explore some of the islands located within the bay.

There are a number of different islands of varying sizes which will provide you with some stunning coastline, rugged cliffs, pristine waters, sandy beaches and picturesque villages.

You can book a ticket for one of the boats at the local tourist information centre in Carnac.

Eurocamp near Carnac

Camping is one of the most popular types of accommodation in Carnac and Eurocamp have some fantastic options available nearby.

If you’re looking for a Euracamp site near Carnac then we’ve listed the 4 closest below.

La Grande Métairie

La Grande Metairie

In the heart of mature woodland lies La Grande Métairie, a parc waiting to be explored and brimming with things to do.

As you wander, you’ll stumble upon the on-parc mini farm, where friendly goats and sheep reside, and the splendid pool complex, featuring a lazy river and two exhilarating waterslides.

There are also two heated outdoor pools, one of which can be covered during inclement weather, along with a rejuvenating jacuzzi and ample sun loungers.

Feeling adventurous? Test your skills in archery or zip through the air on the parc’s exhilarating adventure course.

Alternatively, enjoy a round of mini golf, embark on pony rides, or delve into SCUBA diving lessons. When you’re ready to venture beyond the parc, the coast is just a few miles away, offering pristine beaches and an array of water sports for you to enjoy.

Book La Grande Métairie

Des Menhirs

Des Menhirs Pool

Des Menhirs is next to one of the best beaches in Brittany and is located a stone throw from the centre of Carnac.

The campsite also boasts an outstanding swimming pool complex complete with thrilling waterslides, including an impressive spacebowl!

For those eager to explore, consider renting bikes and try cycling around the peninsula. Discover quaint fishing ports and the renowned standing stones of Carnac. Relaxation is also a easy with a visit to the Jacuzzi where you can unwind at your own pace.

The park is conveniently located just a short walk from the lively seaside resort of Carnac Plage. Here, you’ll find a plethora of water sports, dining options, and charming boutiques to enjoy.

Book Des Menhirs

Domaine de Kermario

Domaine de Kermario

Nestled within tropical woodland, Domaine de Kermario beckons you to relish the outdoors in true French style.

Surrounded by green hills and trees, with pristine golden shores mere steps away, this park offers a sanctuary where compromise is unnecessary.

Start your day by soaking in the morning sun beside the pool – a tranquil spot to unwind with a captivating book or a drink, while your little ones play around in the paddling pool.

Craving the sensation of sand beneath your feet? Well, grab your bucket and spade, prepare a delightful continental picnic, and venture to the Carnac shoreline just three kilometers away, where you can play on one of the many beaches, enjoy the sea and relax.

Book Domaine de Kermario

Moulin de Kermaux

Moulin de Kermaux

Embark on an enchanting journey to Moulin de Kermaux, nestled amidst a picturesque landscape adorned with oak, beech, and chestnut trees.

As you unwind by the pool, your little ones can immerse themselves in a world of excitement as they splash around in the pool and enjoy the waterslides.

After all the outdoor fun, head to the snack bar for a satisfying meal or venture into Carnac to indulge in fresh seafood and traditional crêpes.

Carnac is a short distance from the campsite and the beaches can be reached in a little under 10 minutes by car. If you fancy cycling you could always ride to the beach as it takes a little over 15 minutes.

Book Moulin de Kermaux

Why Visit Carnac?

Whether you’re drawn to Carnac’s ancient mysteries, scenic beauty, or culinary delights, a visit to this captivating destination promises a memorable and enriching experience.

Explore Carnac’s timeless allure and create unforgettable memories amidst the charm of Brittany’s southern coast with a stay at one of the campsites.