Speeding in France

You may or may not know that in May 2017 the EU Cross-Border Enforcement Directive came into force. The directive states that if you’re driving a motor vehicle in any country that is part of the directive and commit any one of 8 specific road traffic offences, the respective country can request the owners details from the DVLA and prosecute you for the offence.

What do I need to drive in France?

“What do I need to drive in France?” is a question that we get asked time after time and it’s obvious that many people don’t look into it carefully enough before heading off across the channel. This was quite evident during our latest camping holiday when we were in the queue at Dover and were handed a leaflet from a P&O employee detailing what we’d need when driving in France.


Autoroutes are the French version of motorways and are generally the easiest and quickest way to drive in France. The majority of Autoroutes are run by private companies for the government and they therefore charge fees or tolls for you to travel along them. Although it’s possible to drive in France without using the Autoroutes, we wouldn’t recommend it for those on long journeys.

Drive France

As summer approaches, those of us who have booked a family camping holiday in France begin to think of the good times that are to come. The beach, the pool, visiting the sights, relaxing and most important of all having fun with your family and forging wonderful memories for years to come.