Eurocamp France

Eurocamp France

Why Eurocamp France?

Eurocamp are one of the largest suppliers of family holidays to France and it’s quite clear that Eurocamp love France and our customers love Eurocamp.

Why Eurocamp?

A lot has changed over the past 40 years since Eurocamp started and that’s what makes them great. Change is a good thing especially when it’s done in the right areas.

There have been massive changes in accommodation especially in recent years where Eurocamp have listened to YOU, the customer. They have introduced new, luxury accommodation in the form of their Aspect, Avant and Safari ranges. There have also been changes in the campsites in France they use, to ensure you always have the best.

One of the major changes in recent times was the joining of two fantastic brands, Keycamp Holidays and Eurocamp. This made a new and improved Eurocamp in 2014.

All of these changes have come about to make quality family holidays to remember.

Two things that haven’t changed about Eurocamp is their passion. Furthermore it’s there in abundance and they also ensure that everything they do, is done with you in mind!

So Why France?

France is so close to the UK it’s hardly surprising that families choose it for their ideal holiday location. What makes France even more so attractive is it’s sheer size and diversity between regions.

The northern regions of Brittany, Normandy and Picardy offer the ideal holiday close to home or the perfect stopover location. The Loire and Dordogne offer plenty of stunning Chateaux, rivers and activities to enjoy whilst the west coast of France boasts some of the best beaches in Europe with plenty of sun and fantastic swimming pools on offer. You’ll also find the mountainous regions to the east worth exploring. Not to mention the southern regions where you can sit back and enjoy a stunning summer holiday along the mediterranean coast or delve into the outdoors in the Adreche.

All of these stunning places not only boast great campsites but also great activities. As well as the stunning locations, France also boasts a whole array of beautiful villages, towns and cities which are just ready to be explored.

A family holiday in France is something that memories are made of, so what we suggest is that you get out there and explore France with Eurocamp holidays!

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