Al Fresco Holidays Verdi

Al Fresco Holidays Verdi

Al Fresco Holidays Verdi

Al Fresco Holidays Verdi mobile homes are one of the most impressive within their range of accommodation.

Verdi mobile homes can be found on many Al Fresco Holidays campsites throughout France and Europe.

Al Fresco Holidays Verdi mobile homes have a wonderfully spacious central living area with an equally large deck. Therefore they are perfect for those wanting to expand their living space when the weather is good.

Al Fresco Holidays Verdi Range

There are three different models within the Verdi range including the Verdi, Verdi Luxe and Verdi Lounge.

The standard Verdi mobile home is somewhat larger than the other types of accommodation available from Al Fresco Holidays. As a result the floor space of the mobile home itself is 40m2 and the decking area is 21m2. Furthermore you’ll also benefit from a large 3m2 canopy. With three bedrooms and up to two bathrooms available the Verdi is the perfect choice for large groups.

The Verdi Luxe is similar to the standard Verdi. However rather than standard outdoor chairs you have the benefit of better outdoor furniture.

Finally there’s the Verdi Lounge which is the most noteworthy of the three. It comes with a larger canopy and better outdoor furniture so you can make the most of your living space in good weather.

Another key feature of the Al Fresco Holidays Verdi mobile homes range is they are set out around a central living area hence promoting the social side of camping.

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