Autoroutes are the French version of motorways and are generally the easiest and quickest way to drive in France. The majority of Autoroutes are run by private companies for the government and they therefore charge fees or tolls for you to travel along them. Although it’s possible to drive in France without using the Autoroutes, we wouldn’t recommend it for those on long journeys.

Learn to Ride with Eurocamp

If you have children aged 3-6 years old why not help them to learn to ride with Eurocamp. Learning to ride a bike is part and parcel of growing up and what better way to learn then when you’re on holiday. Holidays are great for creating wonderful memories but watching and helping your children learn to ride is a very special moment for most parents, so why not combine them.

Mont Saint Michel – Normandy

Mont Saint Michel is an awe inspiring sight and it’s hardly surprising that it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in France. Located in the Manche department of Normandy near to the Brittany border, Mont Saint Michel can be seen from many miles away. We recently visited Mont Saint Michel whilst staying at Domaine des Ormes and the view as you approach is spectacular.