Puy Du Fou a Visitors Guide

Puy Du Fou a Visitors Guide

Puy Du Fou a Visitors Guide

When thinking about France and amusement parks, probably the first image that pops into your mind is the popular Disneyland Paris. However, Disneyland Paris is not the only famous amusement park in the country. The second most visited French theme park is, in fact, the Puy Du Fou Parc.

Puy the Fou is located in Western France, in the Vendée region. Every year more than 2 million visitors come to this magical historical themed park that does a great job in recreating the world of the past. Getting to the park will be an authentic journey into the past, with grandiose historical shows characterized by an excellent setting.

Short History Of Puy Du Fou

Puy du Fou officially started in 1977 with the idea of a young student of creating an original show with an old renaissance castle as its setting. The student, Philippe de Villers, wrote the script of the show, which was supposed to represent the epic journey of a family from the 14th century until the Second World War.

The first representation of the Cinéscènie (this is the name of the show) did not obtain a large success, but slowly gained attention and popularity thanks to amazing interpretation, costumes and the continuous additions to the show.

After gaining so much traction, the Grand Parc of Puy du Fou was opened and since then it has been regularly gaining awards for being a spectacular theme park, unlike many others.

What are the Attractions in the Park?

Puy du Fou has a lot to offer its visitors. Horses, trained birds, and incredible fireworks and a fantastic variety of shows are on offer.

The park itself is mainly based on shows, therefore you should check the schedule on the official website to organize yourself and choose to see the shows that are of most interest to you. If you are a fan of open-air shows, with so many shows to choose from it might be hard to select only a few!

And if you’re not, you’ll get the chance to see some of the best open-air shows in the world and change your mind.

The Shows

Here are some of the shows that you might be able to see if you decide to visit the park:

Le Dernier Panache is a representation of the last battle of the glorious general Charette. Its special effects and the grandiosity of the whole show are unique in the world.

Les Vikings is an epic battle representing the attack of a Viking Longship from the north on the fort of the An Mil.

Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantomes is a fantastic dance show where hundreds of birds of prey fly over the audience’s heads during the show. It’s an astonishing and highly scenic sight.

Le Signe du Triomphe is where a handful of prisoners from the Gaul province need to fight in the arena to save their own lives. The Ancient Roman setting, the animal parade, and the realistic combats will leave you in suspense for the whole duration.

Le Secret de La Lance is a show that features original music and special effects and tells the story of the young shepherdess Margueritte and her secret magical lance which she used to fight against the British invaders.

Mousquetaire de Richelieu is a romance and features numerous duels and flamenco: is there any better combination?

Le Grand Carillon is a unique musical show that takes place at around 16 meters from the ground and to the rhythm of the most famous classical songs.

Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde features the Knights of the Round Table and is a classic story that should not be missed in such a park. Merlin tests King Arthur’s courage in the legendary challenge of the “Sword in the Stone”.

Les Grandes EauxL’Odysée du Puy du Fou is an epic trip bringing its audience from the Ancient Roman times to the French Revolution with several breathtaking special effects, various surprises, and sublime customs and settings.

Les Orgues de Feu is a nocturnal show taking place on the pond of Puy du Fou and staging some musicians in a beautiful symphony of lights, dances, fire, and water.

The Grand Parc

During the breaks from one show to the next, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the four villages of Puy du Fou theme park. Each village represents a different historical era and recreates different atmospheres and settings: a fort in the early 1000 AD, a medieval city, a village from the 18th century and a village in the 19th century.

Puy du Fou theme park really is full of surprises. It’s a discovery for its visitors, who will see with their own eyes a theme park titled the best European Theme park and winner of many important well-deserved awards.


Cinéscénie is a show you don’t want to miss when in the parc. It takes place at night and features more than 1200 actors and 8000 customs. It features astonishing fireworks and takes place on the largest stage in the world, set behind an old castle.

Everything from the acting to the amazing special effects will blow your mind and surprise you. Unfortunately, there are only 28 representations of the show during the year, so try to make your visit to the Grand Parc of Puy du Fou coincide with one of the dates, you’ll definitely won’t regret it! Being able to attend such a show is not only the best way to conclude your day at such an interesting parc, but it will also make your whole visit unforgettable and leave you with great memories.

Frequently Asked Questions?

When does Puy du Fou Open?

Parc du Puy du Fou is open every day from the beginning of Spring until Halloween, from 9:30 AM to 7 PM. On the days when nocturnal shows are staged, the closing time is prolonged until 9:00 PM or 10:30 PM depending on the show.

How much are tickets?

For all tickets, booking online instead that at the entrance of the park saves a little money on the final price.

Here are the prices that you’ll find booking your tickets online and in advance.

The 1-day entrance ticket to the Grand Parc is 36 euros for adults and 26 for children. If you’re interested in the package Grand Parc+Cinèscènie, the ticket price would be 59 euros for adults and 48 for children. A 2-day pass to the park costs 60 euros for adults and 43 for children. The 2-days combo of Grand Parc and Cinèscenie can be purchased for 82 euros for adults and 63 euros for kids.

How to get to Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou is located in the northern part of the Vendeé region, in the city of Les Epessess. If you’re getting there by car, you can reach it by taking the exit number 28 along the highway A87. Puy du Fou is approximately 2h30 from Paris and is within easy reach of the cross channel ports by car. If you’re planning getting a ferry to France from the UK then we suggest you book your ferry through France Ferry Booker.

Important points

First of all, note that Cinéscénie only takes place during high season (you should check the park’s website for the dates) and that it has to be booked separately. The entrance tickets to the Puy du Fuy do not include Cinéscénie.

You can purchase a ticket for Cinéscénie only, you just have to select your date. Both children and adults pay the same price for this show, 28 euros.

Keep in mind that all the shows take place in French but most of the headsets are available in 5 different languages.

Additionally, because of the amazing performance in the Cinéscénie, you might be surprised to know that all the actors and actresses are volunteers from the closeby villages.

If you decide to visit the park, remember that by booking in advance on the official website, you’ll be able to receive a 10% discount in the price of the entrance ticket to the Grand Parc and up to 20% discount on the price of the full ticket of the combo Grand Park + Cinéscénie.

Where to Stay?

If you decide to visit the Puy du Fou for more than one day and want to stay someone in the area surrounding the park, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Firstly let’s look at hotels. There are a whole host of different hotels near to Puy du Fou to choose from. If you’d like to stay in a hotel when visiting the parc then simply click here.

Next you have the choice of staying at a campsite. There are thousands of campsites in the Vendee and quite a few within easy reach of Puy du Fou. Some of our favourites include: La Garangeoire Campsite, Le Pin Parasol Campsite, Le Clarys Plage and L’Oceano d’Or.

Finally, to keep yourself immersed in the magical atmosphere created by the park, you can also decide to say in one of the many historical theme hotels located around parc. From Ancient Roman settings to villages on the water and a well-reconstructed Citadelle from the Middle Ages, you only need to pick one!

Prices for accommodation vary and it might be good to check both on the park’s website and on the hotel’s page to look to see if there are some discounts available. Alternatively, if you are looking for something special – there are a few resorts within the park.

Wherever you decide to stay you need to ensure you visit this fantastic parc!