Brexit and camping holidays in France

Brexit and camping holidays in France

Brexit and camping holidays in France

Brexit is something that you hear about on the news on a daily basis. Will, there be a deal, will there be a no deal. However, what most people want to know is how will affect me and my holiday.

We understand that the whole Brexit topic has become really complicated. In our opinion, however, in the end, changes to where, when and how you take your holidays will be limited.

To put your mind at ease, below we’ve listed some of the ways you and your camping holiday in France might be affected.


If the UK comes to a deal then you may find little changes with your passport following Brexit. If however, the UK leaves the EU without a deal, new rules may apply. At the moment the government are recommending that those going to the EU after Brexit should have at least six months left on their passport. More information can be found on GOV.UK regarding new passport rules post-Brexit.


Currently, the European Commission has stated that VISA’s following Brexit are highly unlikely. However, from 2021, UK citizens may need to pay a fee of around 7 Euros for a visa exemption.

PET Passports

In the event of a no deal Brexit, there are likely to be changes to PET passports. You can find out more on our taking your pet on holiday blog.


Following Brexit, ferries will still operate between the UK and Europe because they generally run on international rules. The government want little to change at border controls however there may be additional delays during busier times.

Driving in France

With a no deal, UK citizens with a full UK licence may have to apply for an International Driving Permit. There will be a fee payable per permit and there are different permits depending upon which country you plan to travel in. Furthermore, driving in Europe may require a Green Card however, these can easily be obtained from your insurance company.

EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)

The EHIC card provides you with access to state medical care whilst in France. In the event of a no deal, the EHIC card may be invalid and although we’d always recommend travel insurance it would then be a necessity.

Mobile Phone Roaming Charges

Although there are no current plans to increase roaming charges in the event of a no deal Brexit it is something that may well return.

We know that the most important thing for many is peace of mind that your holiday is safe and protected. We only use reputable holiday companies including Eurocamp, Al Fresco Holidays and Brittany Ferries. Many of which are members of either ABTA or ATOL to ensure that you are protected no matter what happens.

For all the latest information on how Brexit will impact travel, please check the GOV.UK website.