French toll roads and autoroutes

French toll roads and autoroutes

French toll roads and autoroutes

There are several major differences between driving in France and driving in the UK.

‘Driving on the right’ is the most common difference but one that is often forgotten is the need to pay a toll on certain roads and autoroutes (or motorways) in France.

While it’s certainly possible to avoid paying a toll charge in certain regions of France…such as Brittany…for those of us travelling further in land or to the south of France, tolls and fees are sadly unavoidable.

Unlike the UK, France has charged tolls on drivers using major road networks for many years.

Who control these tolls?

Tolls in France are controlled by Sanef, the French autoroute operator.

Although autoroutes are a fast and useful way of travelling around France, many UK travellers have become frustrated at not being able to use the popular automatic telepeage or tag lanes.

This means that instead of travelling along an automatic payment lane UK drivers have had to queue at every toll and keep cash handy…in order to pay at manned toll gates they encounter.

What is the answer?

Sanef now offer their Liber-t Tag to UK customers. This makes travelling along autoroutes and toll roads much easier, quicker and less stressful.

The Liber-t Tag works on the entire French toll road network and is very easy to use.

The service is accessed by simply registering online at Following successful registration, you will be sent a small electronic tag that you attach to the inside of your windscreen, in front of your rear view mirror.

How does the Liber-t Tag work?

As you approach one of the toll barriers in the telepeage/tag lane, the tag is read and enables the barrier to automatically open…allowing you to continue your journey, without having to stop and pay.

One month later you will be invoiced for the appropriate toll fees due. Money will be taken by direct debit from your designated bank account (the one you used when you registered online).

If you’re planning to travel around France or to your campsite by road, using autoroutes or toll roads make sure you register online with Sanef Tolling to receive your Liber-t Tag before you go on you camping holiday in France!

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