Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance

One thing that never crosses your mind until it’s too late is Gadget Insurance.

It’s now very common for people to own more than one gadget but do we ever think about getting them insured?

We’ve heard various stories over the past year involving families travelling to France on holiday who’ve taken their gadgets with them…keeping the children entertained in the car. Only to then return to the UK from holiday, with damaged gadgets…suffering from water damage or with cracked screens.

Save money with multi gadget insurance…

From iPad’s and Google tablet PC’s to iPod’s, iPhones and Google Android phones all of these items can and do quite often, become damaged beyond repair from being dropped on the floor or in the wrong place.

This is where multi gadget insurance will potentially save you a lot of money. Most will cover you for a period of up to 90 days whilst abroad and will continue to cover you when you return home as well.

Multi gadget insurance can cover a variety of items including iPads, Google Android tablets, Windows tablets, iPhones, Google smartphones, laptops, iPods or Mp3 Players, cameras, video cameras and E-readers.

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