Swimming Pool Rules

Any family going on a camping holiday must take note of the swimming pool rules in France which can quite easily catch out any family and spoil your holiday to France. This rule is the NO SWIMMING SHORTS and only “SPEEDO” type trunks are allowed. Many swimming pools in France revert to the Local Government ruling in that board/swimming shorts are banned from swimming pools.

Camping with babies and toddlers

Camping with babies and toddlers in France normally leads to one question! Can we buy baby formula and nappies in France or should we take our own? Baby formula in France tends to have slight differences in the ingredients and therefore may not taste the same. You may also find that the formula is slightly thicker which may not dilute as well and your baby may therefore not enjoy.

Le Vieux Port Messanges

If you’re looking for somewhere fun and lively to go camping in France, then Le Vieux Port could be the choice for you. One of the largest campsites in the area, Le Vieux Port continues to be a very popular choice with families of all ages. We loved Le Vieux Port for many reasons but two of the best features of this campsite are the campsites location and the amazing pool complex.

Le Clarys Plage

Le Clarys Plage campsite is one of the most popular campsites in the region, set in the northern part of the Vendee close to the town of St Jean de Monts. It is a modern campsite with some great facilities, in one of the best locations we have seen! Set just inside the campsite lies the superb pool complex which is suitable for children of all ages.