Night ferry to France

This year we decided to take the night ferry to France and we had booked to sail from Plymouth to Roscoff with Brittany Ferries as we only live half an hour from Plymouth. Our chosen campsite for two weeks was Le Clarys Plage in the Vendee and we decided to travel at night as we hoped that sleeping during the crossing would mean that no-one would feel seasick.

Gadget Insurance

One thing that never crosses your mind until it’s too late is Gadget Insurance. It’s now very common for people to own more than one gadget but do we ever think about getting them insured? We’ve heard various stories over the past year involving families travelling to France on holiday who’ve taken their gadgets with them…keeping the children entertained in the car.

Drive France

As summer approaches, those of us who have booked a family camping holiday in France begin to think of the good times that are to come. The beach, the pool, visiting the sights, relaxing and most important of all having fun with your family and forging wonderful memories for years to come.

Camping Barbecue Safety

There’s one danger that we’ve been hearing more about in recent years which is scary enough to anyone, let alone those of us with children and thats Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. A few sausages and burgers cooked on a portable BBQ can quite often provide the perfect family meal whilst camping in France however as with all type of cooking, portable BBQ’s can be more dangerous than you think.