Al Fresco Holidays Puccini

Al Fresco Holidays Puccini

Al Fresco Holidays Puccini

Al Fresco Holidays Puccini range of accommodation are one of the smaller mobile homes on offer. Available across many of their campsites in France and Europe the Puccini is a very popular model.

There are 5 different mobile homes included in the Puccini range. As a result there are plenty of different options available when choosing your accommodation.

Each mobile home is perfectly formed offering compact yet practical accommodation. Therefore due it’s small size, the Puccini is ideal for smaller families or those wishing to holiday Al Fresco Holidays on a budget.

Furthermore as with other accommodation from Al Fresco Holidays, the Puccini range comes with decking area as standard. Hence allowing you to have plenty of outdoor space to eat, drink and relax.

Al Fresco Holidays Puccini Range

As we’ve already mentioned, the Puccini range offers 5 different mobile homes. These include the Puccini, Puccini Luxe, Puccini Lounge, Puccini Riviera and the Puccini Riviera Luxe.

The standard Puccini sleeps up to 5 and is around 24m2 in size. Likewise the Puccini Luxe is the same size but offers the benefits of a canopy over the deck.

As you move up the range you’ll find a variety of differences. The Puccini Lounge boasts a larger decked area and some great outside furniture. This therefore allows you get extra value from al fresco living.

In contrast the Puccini Riviera is slightly larger than the others at 25.5m2. As a result it sleeps 6 and offers a slightly larger deck. Finally the Puccini Riviera Luxe offers a canopy and better outdoor furniture.

All of the Al Fresco Holidays Puccini mobile homes are set out around a central living area which as a result promotes socialising.

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