Children’s Clubs in France

Children’s Clubs in France

Children’s Clubs in France

There are two questions that are asked time after time when taking children on a family camping holiday in France.

Should I put my children into a children’s club’ and ‘which family camping holiday providers have children’s club?

Should I put my children into a children’s club?

Some people like children’s clubs and others don’t and the decision whether to put your children into a club is a personal one. Some people believe that a family camping holiday in France should be exactly that, a family holiday, where the whole family spend the entire holiday together, enjoying each others company and doing all the things they can’t do together in a normal working week.

Other people like the idea of giving their children independence and themselves some time to relax without the children being around. Allowing your children to go out and enjoy themselves, make new friends and do activities they may not normally get to undertake at home, can give your children the opportunity to explore new experiences, whilst parents can enjoy their time relaxing in each others company, without the children being around.

As we’ve said the choice is personal and each family will be different, there is no right and wrong. We have heard previously of people being bad mouthed for allowing their children to attend clubs. No matter what your personal choice is, stand by your decision. If you feel that you want your children to join in with other children from around the world, make new friends and have fun without you then that’s fair enough.

Likewise if you want to stay with your children during your holiday, play around in the pool, sightsee and just have good old family fun then that’s that.

Personally we enjoy spending as much time on holiday with our children as possible, watching them experience new things and for us, a family camping holiday to France is the perfect way, in our opinion, to spend lots of quality time with our children.

However, we also understand the need to spend quality time together as a couple on holiday and would use a baby sitting service or perhaps use the children’s club for an occasional day if available, so we could enjoy a day or an evening together without having to worry about the children.

Which family camping holiday providers have children’s clubs?

The majority of camping holiday providers we feature on Go Camp France have some form of children’s clubs at various campsites throughout France.

We suggest you take a look at our Kids Clubs in France page for more information on each of the companies we feature along with their relative children’s club.

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