Swimming Pool Rules

Swimming Pool Rules

Swimming Pool Rules

Any family going on a camping holiday must take note of the swimming pool rules in France which can quite easily catch out any family and spoil your holiday to France.

You may already have experienced it for yourself but if not, there are various rules about swimwear at French campsites.

Can you wear swimming shorts in France?

You can wear swimming shorts or board shorts in France at some campsites. Local Government rulings state that board shorts and swimming shorts are banned from swimming pools. However although the rule is in place many campsites that do not follow it.

Do you have to wear speedos in French swimming pools?

Yes in all public French swimming pools and many campsite swimming pools there is a rule stating NO SWIMMING SHORTS and only “SPEEDO” type trunks are allowed. You are however allowed to wear Jammer type tight shorts as long as they are above the knee.

Why do I have to wear tight trunks?

The main reason given for wearing tight trunks and not shorts is hygiene. Shorts can be worn all day both in and outside the pool complex and therefore can pick up various amounts of dust and dirt which can be transferred to the pool causing a disruption in the water quality.

Do all campsites enforce this rule?

Many campsites in France such as La Grande Metairie ***** have the rule but do not enforce it. You are therefore advised to check the campsite description before booking or get yourself a pair of emergency trunks before travelling to your camping holiday in France just in case.

You can get a pair of trendy and stylish emergency swimming trunks here. We have been told recently that some campsites have trunks in their onsite shop for those who forget to take some however the prices are very high.

If you really don’t want to have to wear a pair of Speedo’s and are desperate to wear shorts make sure you check out the campsite particulars before booking.