Drive France

Drive France

Driving France

As summer approaches, those of us who have booked a family camping holiday in France begin to think of the good times that are to come. The beach, the pool, visiting the sights, relaxing and most important of all having fun with your family and forging wonderful memories for years to come.

Although we all tend to plan on what things we will take with us, there’s one thing that’s quite apparnet and that is, we sometimes forget about the smaller items that we should be taking with us, which although may be cheap to buy, could be quite costly if forgotten.

We know that it’s a common occurrence for holiday makers to head to the shops to buy accessories required for driving in France, in the hours shortly prior to boarding the cross channel ferries.

We are also aware that many holidaymakers who forget altogether end up with substantial fines from the French police.

In the UK the police are often happy to give words of advice to travellers who for example have slight defects with their lights. In France however, the police generally stick to a range of on the spot fines for defects along with fines covering items which you are required to have with you when driving.

We cover the full list of items needed in our Driving In France section but below is a summary of what you will need:

  • GB sticker
  • Headlamp beam convertor
  • Warning triangle
  • Hi-Vis vest
  • NF approved breathalyser

Don’t fall foul of French driving laws by ensuring you are well prepared before travelling on your family holiday. All of the items above can be ordered from Amazon, so make sure you buy yours now to avoid having to rush to the shops prior to boarding your ferry.