Crit’Air – Clean Air Stickers

Crit’Air – Clean Air Stickers

Driving in France Crit’Air – Clean Air Stickers

The rules and regulations for Driving in France have changed for many since the 1st April 2017 since the introduction of Crit’Air Stickers (Clean Air). Since the 1st April 2017 all vehicles travelling through certain cities within France must have a Clean Air Sticker on their windscreen to avoid fines.

Crit’Air or Clean Air stickers show a vehicles emissions level and have been introduced to reduce levels of pollution. Currently only vehicles travelling through Paris, Lyon and Grenoble have to comply with the law, however other cities are likely to join the scheme in the future.

It’s important to note that those vehicles generating the highest levels of emissions may be refused entry to those cities during times of high pollution!

What are the Crit’Air Categories?

There are currently 6 different categories of vehicle, each with a different coloured Crit’Air sticker. The current Crit’Air vehicle categories range from the cleanest green Crit’Air 1 sticker which includes the cleanest vehicles such as those powered by electric and hydrogen all the way to the black Crit’Air 6 sticker which includes mostly older vehicles including diesel cars which are considered to be the dirtiest.

What happens if i don’t have a Crit’Air sticker?

There are a variety of penalties for those not complying with the Crit’Air scheme. Firstly you must ensure that the sticker is clearly visible on your windscreen. Those who simply don’t have a certificate or don’t have it clearly visible can incur an on the spot fine of up to €135. There are also a range of other fines for those not observing the traffic restrictions during high pollution times and for those with illegible stickers.

You can see therefore that it’s highly important that if your planning to drive anywhere near Paris, Lyon and Grenoble that you get your Crit’Air sticker as soon as possible.

How long do the Crit’Air stickers last?

Your vehicle will remain in the same category as long as the Crit’Air sticker remains legible. Therefore you are not required to replace it every time you visit France, only when the sticker cannot be read clearly.

How much do Crit’Air stickers cost and how do i get one?

Currently the Crit’Air stickers cost €3.70 plus postage which equates to approximately €4.80 in the UK.

To order your clean air sticker you need to visit the official Crit’Air website. Once you’re on their website you can find out any information you may require and you can also apply for your sticker. To apply simply click on the “Applying for your certificate” section and you can then order yours online.

To make sure you don’t end up with a fine, please make sure you order your Clean Air Sticker in plenty of time for your trip. Busy times of the year may mean delays so you need to allow plenty of time.