Keep your children safe in the sun

Keep your children safe in the sun

Keep your children safe in the sun

Child safety in the Sun is vital! Being parents we know the importance of keeping our children protected from the suns harmful rays.

Sunburn in children can almost double the chances of them getting skin cancer when they’re older and around 50% of our total lifetime sunlight exposure occurs in childhood. Babies can burn in only a few minutes with older children suffering the effects of sunburn in under 10 minutes.

At Go Camp France we put together a short list of recommendations for protecting your children whilst on your family holiday to France.

  • Babies should ideally be kept out of the sun altogether but especially between 11am and 3pm.
  • NHS direct recommend an sunscreen SPF of at least 15 but we recommend at least 30.
  • Re-apply sunscreen at regular intervals every couple of hours.
  • Remember some sunscreens are not waterproof so reapply following that dip in the pool.
  • Children can burn just as easily on cloudy days as 30-50% of UV rays can still reach then so ensure they are always protected.
  • Stay in the shade as much as possible.
  • Ensure your children wear hats, childrens sunglasses and UPV clothing whilst swimming and playing.
  • Watch out for reflective surfaces as up to 85% of the suns rays can be reflected from water,concrete and sand.

Upv clothing is an ideal solution for most families when out in the sun. It provides cover for most of the body with various items that can be worn both in and out of the water offering a similar level of protection to your children of SPF50. Wearing the clothing allows you to only have to sunscreen those areas not covered.

If you want to protect your children on your family holiday to France at very reasonable prices then have by clicking the button below.

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