Play areas and play parks in France

Play areas and play parks in France

Play areas and play parks in France

One thing you notice when you go camping in France is the number and quality of children’s play areas and play parks they have.

Although UK towns, cities and villages generally have a number of play parks, they tend to be either small or filled with old, rusty or inadequate equipment.

Our local play park is of a reasonable size but has not had any new equipment for many years. Go to any French town or campsite and the difference is instantly noticeable.

French play parks are modern, contemporary and have activities for all ages, with the focus being on physical development and fun. Activities include climbing, sliding, spinning and swinging in the same way that UK parks do, but with equipment that is modern, in much better condition, well looked after and maintained and in no way vandalised.

Campsites in France follow suit and each campsite we have visited has had its own state of the art playground for our children to enjoy. If you have very young children there is always something for them and the older equipment is designed so that very young children can’t access it but ours are at the limit for the younger equipment and so quickly learnt to adapt so they could get onto the equipment for the older children.

These ultra modern and fun play parks can be found in all manner of places, from outside the local Super U to the village or town centre. This year whilst in the Vendee on one of the cloudier days we ventured further down the coast for a walk along a beach. On our return to the car we took a walk through the sand dunes at the back of the beach. Half way along the path there was a clearing that contained a play park. Two areas fenced off for the younger and older children in the middle of the dunes! Our children vanished onto the equipment whilst we sat and watched!

If you’re visiting France and have children make sure you stop off at your local play park even if it’s just for half an hour, you’ll be amazed by how much fun your children can have!