Camping in France with a baby

Camping in France with a baby

Top 10 essentials for camping in France with a baby

If you’ve got very young children you know how difficult it can sometimes be to just go to the supermarket let alone go on holiday. Everything but the kitchen sink in your bag or car and you always forget something which is why we’ve come up with our Top 10 essentials list for camping in France with a baby.

We’ve been camping many times in our lives both with and without children and with children of various ages including when one was just 11 weeks old! We know that no matter how much planning you do, you’re always going to forget something or find that there’s one thing you never even thought of taking which is why we’ve put this list together.

Below we’ve listed a few obvious a few maybe less common items and some hints and tips which may help along the way.

  • Pushchair or backpack – We have taken both on various camping trips in the past and each has it’s benefits. We have always left our main pram at home and taken a small lightweight buggy with us. Although slightly bulky, the buggy comes in handy across the campsite including being able to leave them in it next to the pool after a long days swimming saving you having to always return to your accommodation. The pram also comes in handy when visiting a local supermarket, attraction or even the beach. The backpack on the other hand is more versatile on days out and exploring. We always used a Vaude backpack which was both comfortable and practice with a storage area for those essential items.
  • Travel cot – Our children have always stayed in a travel cot when we’ve been camping. Now although with our first child we took our own, companies such as Eurocamp generally have travel cots that you can hire. Although these are sometimes at a small fee, we’ve always found it worthwhile as it saves space in the car.
  • Swimming aids – We all love to go swimming whilst on holiday and children and babies are no different. Armbands and floatation aids are essential items and quite often forgotten. Although fairly cheap, these are not always sold on site and so it’s worthwhile taking your own. 14 campsites across France also offer swimming lessons for those up to age 5 so please check out our learn to swim with Eurocamp article.
  • Sun lotions – This may seem obvious but we know many families who have arrived on holiday in the past to find that it’s the one item they’ve forgotten and has ended up with a trip to the shops before the fun begins. Again many campsites may stock this in their shops but it can be quite expensive.
  • Sun vests and Sun Glasses – Whilst we’re on the subject of the sun it’s worth buying both sunglasses and sun vests/outfits for your children. Although they shouldn’t be overly exposed to the sun anyway, children’s eyes and skin are very sensitive and damage can easily be caused if care is not taken.
  • Calpol/Medicine – Another obvious one I’m afraid but again another one which often gets forgotten. Although we loved French supermarkets unlike the UK they rarely have medicine available. Make sure you don’t have to wander round the nearest town for the sake of taking some with you.
  • Sunshade/Beach tent – Back onto that dreaded sun again. Not that we don’t love the sun, as we do, but it can be a horror for little ones. An afternoon on the beach, in the playground or even outside your chosen accommodation can lead to poorly children if proper precautions aren’t followed. Beach tents are great for setting up and sitting inside and are also relatively cheap to buy.
  • Formula – If you’re lucky enough to be able to breastfeed then this one isn’t for you however having run out of the formula we had on one occasion, i can tell you from experience that UK formula often has different ingredients to it’s French counterpart. This ensured that our child found drinking it quite uncomfortable and it took him a few days to get used to in France and the same when we returned.
  • Nappies/Swim nappies – Another obvious one however again having run out i can tell you that they generally cost much more in France than at home in the UK. Ensure you take enough for your holiday to save on any extra expense.
  • Toys – Again, one that you think every parent would remember but it’s quite common to find that parents have taken one or two items only to forget the favourite one. Don’t cause unwanted stress, make sure you have enough toys for the trip.

We hope you find our Top 10 essentials for camping in France with a baby useful. Good luck on your trip and remember Have Fun.