Learn to swim with Eurocamp

Learn to swim with Eurocamp

Learn to swim with Eurocamp

If you’ve got children aged between 1 and 5 and you’re planning on going to France next year why not help them learn to swim with Eurocamp!

As parents the one thing we want our children to do is to learn to swim so they can have fun in the water both at home and on holiday whilst also being safe. Eurocamp have teamed up with the STA (swimming teacher association) to provide FREE swimming lessons to 1-5 year olds at 14 campsites across France.

Each of Eurocamp’s fully trained kids couriers, aim to focus on key points for children to learn including building confidence in water, water safety to learn basic swimming movements, to help both you and your children bond in the water and to take part in fun group activities to ensure they not only learn but also enjoy their time in the water.

Lessons are split into two different types depending on your children’s age:

1-2 year olds main concentration is having fun and learning basic water safety skills including using songs and rhymes to help them learn how to float, how to hold on, blow bubbles and move through the water in different ways.

Those aged 2-5 will build confidence and learn to use patterns of movement to learn swimming strokes, using noodles to balance, retrieve items from under the water, jump in safely and tread water.

The following 14 campsites all offer Free swimming lessons:

All children learning to swim must be accompanied by an adult who will be expected to join in the fun.

To book your free lessons all you have to do is attend the Eurocamp Mini Station Tent, check the times and sign up. Please note that places are limited and of course this type of activity can be popular. If you’ve got young children and are heading off to France in 2016 make sure they learn to swim with Eurocamp.