Travelling to France by car

Travelling to France by car

Travelling to France by car

If you’re going on your family holiday to France and don’t think you’ll be able to get everything you’ll need to take in your car, don’t worry!

Consider getting a roof top box from Amazon. We did – it was a life saver!!

The first thing to note is that the roof box will need to be fixed to roof bars. These bars go from one side of the car to the other and are the anchor point of the roof box.

Vehicles with roof rails running down the length of the vehicle still need to have bars going across the roof from rail to rail. You can fit any brand of roof box to any brand of roof bar meaning that you do not have to buy your vehicle manufacturers bars and boxes which tend to be more expensive.

Roof Boxes come in a variety of shapes sizes and colours and the decision which to buy will depend on certain factors. Firstly what sort of items do you want to put in the box. If you intend on carrying fishing rods or long items then the long styled box is the perfect option whereas if you intend on carrying other items on the roof such as a bike then you will need to opt for the narrow box.

To find the correct size of roof box you will need to think about the load size you want your box to carry. Roof boxes normally come in ½ width which is generally equivalent to a mid sized car boot, ¾ width which is equivalent to a large car boot and and full width which is equivalent to a large estate car boot.

Fitting a roof top box is something you can do yourself so its always worth checking out Amazon as they stock a superb range of roof top boxes and bars to suit most vehicles. They stock their own makes in varying sizes as well as the very well known and respected manufacturer Thule.

If you are considering taking a roof top box on your family holiday to France please ensure you make your travel company aware as they may need to position you vehicle differently on the ferry. You must do this as soon as possible as oversized vehicle space on the ferry may be limited. There may also be a surcharge from the ferry company.