Children’s sunglasses

Children’s sunglasses

Children’s sunglasses

One thing you must consider before going on your family holiday to France is Children’s Sunglasses. Most family holidays in France involve time spent around the beach or pool. These are the times your children’s eyes need the most protection from the suns rays.

Many people don’t even think about the damage that can be done to children’s eyes from the sun. Research by the Royal College of Optometrists show that parents may leave their children at risk to developing cataracts in later life by allowing them to be exposed to the suns rays without proper protection.

Protect your children’s eyes from sun damage!

UV rays can cause damage to the retina and lens which can lead to cataracts and other eye diseases possibly leading to blindness in later life.

You should try and get your children to wear sunglasses from an early age so that it becomes part of the routine of putting on sun hats and sun lotion. The glasses need to fit properly not falling off or being too tight they should have a CE mark and should provide 100% UV protection.

Studies show that 76% of children do not wear sunglasses and many experts believe we get around 80% of our total lifetime exposure to the suns UV rays by the age of 18.

Babybanz/Kidzbanz are currently one of the leaders in respect of protection for children up to 5. They are famed for their unique wrap around sunglasses with neoprene band which come in a variety of styles and colours that children love.

They provide 100%UV protection and the adjustable band ensures the glasses remain in place and are comfortable for the child to wear.

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