Pre-school camping holidays make perfect sense when you’re blessed with a baby or toddler and think that your holiday days are over!

Pre-school holidays

Those adventurous, sporting holidays and holidays spent lying on the beach seem like a thing of the past once the little ones arrive and your thoughts turn to how you can holiday with a baby or toddler in tow.

For some families a plane journey is the easiest way to get to their holiday destination, for a stay in a hotel with a small swimming pool and the local sites to visit. For others however, it’s throwing everything into your car and travelling to a campsite where you’ll find a perfect baby and toddler friendly holiday environment with fantastic swimming pools, including toddler pools and splash parks, spacious accommodation, large playgrounds and safe and sociable surroundings for your children to explore.

Many people have misconceptions when it comes to camping with a baby or toddler. Thoughts of being in a tent, having uncomfortable nights and being woken in the early hours of the morning are just some of the things people worry about but nothing could be further from the truth.

If you want to brave it in a tent then you can, but a vast number of people camping with babies and toddlers stay in a mobile home which gives you not only more comfort but is also more convenient. Take a closer look at just some of the campsites on offer…