Overnight Ferry Port Hotels

Most people in the UK travel to France for their family camping holiday from one of the many ferry ports located on the south coast of England or indeed the Eurotunnel. Whether you’re travelling via the the Eurotunnel or from Dover, Portsmouth, Plymouth or one of the other ferry ports you may want to think about staying at a hotel overnight before travelling.

French Holidays with Go Camp France

French holidays are what we specialise in at Go Camp France! We love French holidays but are most passionate about family camping holidays in France. France is a huge country which appeals to lots of people for many different reasons. Whether it’s the French food, culture, history, architecture or their love of all things camping, there are few better places to take a family holiday.

Top Ten Campsites near to the Ferry Ports

One question that comes up time and time again is “What are the best campsites near to the ferry ports?” and so this week we aim to show you our top 10 favourite campsites that are within two hours of the ferry ports! Whilst many new and seasoned travellers are happy to venture further south into France, there are various groups who would prefer to stay a lot closer to the north coast.