When do Eurocamp Release 2025 Holidays?

When do Eurocamp Release 2025 Holidays?

If you’re looking to book a Eurocamp holiday for 2025 then you may be thinking about where and when to book but When do Eurocamp Release 2025 Holidays?

Eurocamp normally release their holidays in May and so we expect them to release 2025 holiday in May 2024. In 2023 they did not release them until August but this was unusually late.

Please bookmark this page as we will update it with the release date as soon as we find out. You can find Eurocamp’s up to date offers here.

Why Book a 2025 Eurocamp Holiday Early?

Do you want to know why you should book you 2025 Eurocamp holiday early?

Well, by booking early you can benefit from a low deposit, secure the campsite and accommodation of choice, get a bigger initial discount and you can often benefit from a loyalty bonus if you have previously booked with Eurocamp.

Low Deposit

If you want to pay a low deposit for your holiday then you need to book early. With Eurocamp, you’ll find that any booking made up to the end of December will pay just £99 per party. Between January and February this increases to 15% of the holiday cost, and after February it goes up to 25%.

Secure the Campsite and Accommodation of Choice

One of the main benefits of booking a Eurocamp holiday early is that you can get the holiday and accommodation of your choice.

Eurocamp holidays are very popular as they are good value for maney, and the campsites and accommodation vary in price offering something for every budget.

Whether you are looking at one of their more affordable accommodations or the top of the range Ultimate Plus holiday homes the earlier you book the more chance you have of securing the holiday you want.

You’ll also find that the most popular campsites book up fairly quickly so to ensure you get the holiday of your dreams you need to book in plenty of time.

Bigger Initial Discount

Eurocamp always offer a fantastic initial early booking offer for the following year. In 2023 they offered a whopping saving of up to 20% off any holiday booked by the 31st October.

Along with this they also offered an extra 5% for stays of 11 nights or more and 10% for stays of over 21 nights.

These initial discounts are not available throughout the rest of the year and so booking early can save you a fair amount of money off your holiday making it even more affordable.

Loyalty Bonus

In 2023 Eurocamp also offered a double loyalty bonus. Usually if you have booked with Eurocamp before they offer you an extra 5% off the cost of your holiday. In 2023 they doubled this to 10%.

When do Eurocamp Release 2025 Holidays?

As you can see, booking early for 2025 really does have many benefits.

Make sure you bookmark our page and come back later this year to find Eurocamp’s 2025 early booking offer. We will update this page as soon as we find out more so you can make savings and book the holidays of your dreams.

Meanwhile, if you want to book a holiday for 2024, please check out the current offers below.

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